Sunday, August 24, 2008

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

One year ago today was my original due date. Mommy was so miserable and ready to pop! I decided to let her wait it out a few additional days : )

Sarah, my respite nurse, was able to work today. It has been a few months since my parents had a chance to get away alone on a weekend together. They had a nice lunch, got some shopping done at Toys R Us and Pet Smart and then got Mommy's car washed. While they were out and about, they noticed a new vet/boarding facility opened up just around the corner. They went for a tour - and they will take my brothers next week! It is not a cageless facility, but my Mommy is just happy they will take Henry and Chili on such short notice and without waiting 10 days for their bordatella shot to take effect. Everyone will be much happier (okay so maybe not the boys).

In the evening, Daddy went off to see a movie while Mommy got me to sleep. Daddy's trick of putting a blanket over the front of the crib so I don't watch TV has made a huge difference and I go to sleep without too much trouble now.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. I didn't know you were becoming so addicted to the TV! You sound like your uncle Lonnie, who can't fall asleep without getting in some TV watching first!

    Glad to hear that the dogs will be able to be boarded, one less thing for your mommy to worry about in the upcoming week.

    Can't wait to celebrate your first birthday! It's CRAZY how fast time flies, when just a year ago we were all getting to Sacramento as fast as we could to see the arrival of our sweet girl. It's been a crazy ride, but you've been one of the best things to EVER happen in all our lives Peyton.

    See you soon!

    Aunt Kristin