Monday, August 4, 2008

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

This morning my Daddy was busy getting ready to go to Lake Tahoe with his friend, Jeff, so my Mommy and I were pretty much on our own. We went for a quick walk to the park in the stroller. As you can see, I still love my HME's!

Today was my Aunt Kristin's birthday. Sure wish we could have been there but she promised me she will be here for my birthday in a few weeks. The two Nicole's can have a party together!

On Saturday mornings, we watch the Today Show and I like to listen to the Second Cup Cafe - a segment with different bands. The one this morning was great - I was enthralled with the music. Mommy says I am the bands youngest groupie because I danced a little to the music and sat watching with my mouth wide open!

By noon, Daddy had left for Tahoe so Mommy, the dogs and I spent some time getting chores done around the house. I got a few short naps in as did my brothers - but alas no nap for Mommy today. She tried to have me take a nap with her on the bed but I wasn't having any of it - I like my crib better.

By 6:30, I was getting tired and ready for my bath. Mommy was getting hungry and since she didn't have a chance to do her weekly grocery shopping today there wasn't much in the house to eat. After a quick post to the trach website asking other mommies about travelling alone with trach kids - she got up the courage to take me through the Carl's Jr. drive through all by herself - no nurses or Daddy in the back to suction me. It was only a few minutes away and I cried all the way there (Mommy could see me in the mirror she rigged up). When I cry, I produce more secretions so after getting her food, she pulled over in the parking lot and suctioned me and we were back on the road. Within seconds I was asleep - but since I still needed to have my bath, Mommy started singing my favorite song - "Wheels on the Bus". That startled me awake so I cried the rest of the way home, too. Before bath time, Mommy, the doggies and I all sat down on the rug and had something to eat - Mommy had chicken strips, the doggies got some fries and I got some of the whipped cream from Mommy's chocolate shake.

After all the excitement it was definately time for sleep. It took three attempts of rocking and a few hours but by the time Lucille came at 10 pm I was asleep for good and Mommy was off to sleep with the doggies - without Daddy.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. You're going to be quite the dancer, sweet girl! Looks like you like music as much as the Fox family, maybe you'll even be a singer someday like mommy and uncle Shawn!

    Your mommy did a GREAT job with you this weekend with daddy gone, no surprise! Glad that you're becoming a regular at the park, pretty soon mommy will be pushing you on the swings and down the slide!

    Love you!

    Aunt Kristin