Monday, August 25, 2008

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

I think my brother, Chili is pretty funny. I like to take his toy from him. He is very gentle and when he does pull, he pulls very softly so he doesn't knock me over. Whenever I see his toy I take off across the room after it so I can get to it before he does. I don't play with Henry's toys much - he doesn't really like to share.

Today I learned how to clap. You can see a video of me doing it right before it was time for my trach change. Daddy was also successful and got my hand casting done so I can see what it looked like before my surgery.

Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. Good job clapping!! You are so super cute, even more so with that cute smile!

  2. So cute to see you clapping!!!

    You have a lot of new tricks you can teach baby Jackson, and unfortunately, he has none to teach you! That's ok, before long, he may be able to show you one or two boy tricks (when he gets bigger). He is a pretty good burper right now, but you're MUCH too ladylike to burp like your cousin!

    Love you! See you VERY SOON, I can't wait!

    Aunt Kristin