Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

This morning my Mommy left to get groceries. When Daddy hadn't seen Henry or Chili for an hour or so after she left, Daddy went looking for them. Just like children, if you haven't seen or heard from them in a while it is usually a bad sign. My brother, Henry, is devoted to my Mommy and so he wanted to wait by the garage door until she got back. Because the hardwood floors are cold, the closest place he can find that doesn't have hardwood floors is a rug in the spare bathroom. Since Chili is devoted to Henry, he laid next to Henry on the rug and that is where Daddy found them - waiting for Mommy to come home.

In addition to getting groceries, Mommy also went to get me a new walker. My first walker was great, but it had already been used by other kids before I got it. I have been using it for months now and have put a lot of miles on the plastic wheels. It had gotten to the point that the wheels wouldn't turn anymore so it wasn't as much fun as it used to be. My parents decided it was time to break down and get me a new one since I am not quite walking on my own yet. Target only had one walker but it wasn't too expensive so Mommy picked it up for me. When she got home, Daddy quickly put it together and I took it for a spin. Wow!!!! What a difference wheels that turn make! I am so much faster now that the dogs have to run to get out of my way. Poor Chili got caught a few times because he didn't move fast enough!

Daddy had modified my first walker to let my backpack with my feeding pump hang - so I could be in my walker while I was on a feeding. Since walkers don't come with this as an option - Daddy had to make an "IV pole" for my new walker. He has improved on the first version with version 2.0. This one comes in the shade - Sweet Pea - one of Daddy's nicknames for me. It is also smaller so it can fit on the base a little easier. Daddy is becoming pretty handy at this - can't wait to see what version 3.0 looks like!

While he was out getting supplies for my new IV pole, Daddy also picked up a rug to put in front of my toy bins so my bum doesn't get cold sitting on the hardwood floor. Now I have a little corner all my own with my toys, my rug, my rocking chair and my books. Mommy put me in my rocking chair tonight and I started pulling out books to look at. She's pretty sure this will be a favorite spot of mine as I get older. With all the time running around in my walker today, after my trach change and bath I was asleep pretty quicky.

Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. Peyton, you are learning to ham it up for the camera so well! And you do such a good job at being cute that is hard not to giggle watching you. Have fun with that new walker is your job to chase those doggies all over and not give them a moments rest!

  2. Your new walker is great! Looks like you think so too! You have a very handy daddy, he does a great job modifying your toys to help you get around.

    Your front room is beginning to look at a toy store, hope Jackson doesn't get jealous when he arrives and sees all your great toys! I'll be sure he doesn't swipe any to take home with him!!!
    Can't wait until you can read all of the books that you've acquired over the last year. I'm sure you'll LOVE to read like your mommy!

    Aunt Kristin