Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Monday, August 18th, 2008

It is kind of a joke in our household that after a few days without a stinky diaper all I need is some Miralax and Lucille. For whatever reason, once I get my Miralax, Lucille always seems to be the one to get the brunt of the first stinky diaper to follow. Today was no exception. Mommy can always tell that the diaper arrived because mid-way through the day I end up in a different outfit then what she started me out in. Poor Lucille!

After my diaper though I was in much better spirits and not in the mood to sleep. When Michael arrived for my PT appointment, though, I was actually very good despite not getting a good afternoon nap. Therapy is a little harder at this point because now I just scoot away if I am not in the mood to participate. I am keeping Michael on his toes!

Mommy was a little frustrated today to find out that the dogs are not going to be able to be boarded next week like she had hoped. Apparently, their Bordatella booster shot (for canine cough, yes the same canine cough booster that got delayed because Chili picked it up last time he boarded with them) must be given 10 days prior to boarding. My parents didn't realize that and had been trying to get respite care for the last two months to go on a weekend to get both dogs vaccinated. Unfortunately, they haven't been able to get the respite nurse to come in so they were going to bite the bullet and get the shots done this week. Too late now. Since 10 days will not have passed by the 25th when they wanted to drop the dogs off they aren't able to board them. So Jackson Smith you better be prepared to be licked to death by Chili and completely ignored by Henry! Don't worry - Mommy will make sure your Mommy has plenty of baby wipes to clean up all of Chili's slobber!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Your first birthday is almost here. Traiton would like to be there with you when you turn one. He wished you were at his 2nd birthday party. He had a blast. It won't be long until all the cousins can celebrate birthdays together. Take care.