Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Monday, June 30th, 2008

Despite my great mood Dr Schendel thinks my jaw is "off a little" based on the xrays. Mommy took a digital photo of them and then emailed them to his nurse. He wants me to get a CT scan within the next week and then come to see him again on 7/17. Since Mommy is going out of town this may be a little tricky to schedule - but she is hoping Elena, his nurse, will be able to work it out with UC Davis.

I had an afternoon appointment with Dr Davies my GI. Mommy was a little disappointed at my weigh in - I am down to 13 lbs 15 ozs. But Dr Davies was not too worried since she says it is common to lose weight after surgery. Mommy mentioned my reflux issues and Dr Davies gave her a medication to try with me over the next week to see if it helps. Dr Davies also wants to increase my calories from 24 kcal to 27 or 30 kcal but she will wait to see how I do on the meds first. I had a great time showing off for Dr Davies and the dietician, Nicole. I was showing them how I can cover my trach with my finger and make funny breathing noises, how to remove an HME and how to shake my head yes in a very dramatic fashion. Since Dr Davies was the person who gave Mommy Dr Schendel's name she was very happy to see what a good job he did on my jaw. She thinks I look awesome!

In the evening, Daddy took me outside to watch my Mommy mow the lawn. I am fascinated with the lawn mower and I love to be outside. Now that the fires in our area aren't so bad and the air is less smokey they decided tonight was a good night to let me spend some time enjoying the mild weather.

Even though I am feeling okay, wouldn't you know that is about the time that one of my brothers will get sick. Henry has been having some tummy troubles of his own recently and it got worse tonight when he threw up a little blood. My parents decided not to panic and just try to see if his stomach is irritated from eating a bone the other day. They really don't want to go back to the doggy ER - they are starting to get recognized there as well : )

Peyton Nicole Smith

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