Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

Since it was a state holiday in Utah, Mommy had the day off today. She had to run a few errands but she also went clothes shopping for me. She got me a bunch of 12 month shirts and pants so I am all stocked up now. While getting clothes, she found a Razbaby teether. She had a feeling I would like it, plus it is really cute. Sure enough, it was a hit! Since my parents can see another tooth starting to break through, maybe the teether will help with the pain a little.

Mommy also got a used rocking chair that is just my size. It is a little dangerous because I get rocking so much Mommy thinks I will catapult myself right off so my parents will have to keep a pretty close eye on me - good thing it is close to the ground!

Because I didn't have my jaw distraction surgery at UC Davis, it has been kind of up in the air what craniofacial panel will start to follow me now - Lucile Packard or UC Davis. Since my parents are hoping for a decannulation after my cleft palate repair and a lot of tests will need to be performed ahead of time - it makes more sense right now that Lucile Packard keep track of me. When Mommy called to make an appointment, they wanted to get me in to see the team before my cleft palate surgery so we have an appointment now for August 20th. Just like UC Davis, it will be a four hour appointment where all the various specialties will come check me out. So much for not having to go back to Palo Alto until my surgery! I have so many appointments in the next few months that Mommy added a spot on the blog to keep everyone updated on what is coming up. I am a very busy girl!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Sounds like it's too late to surprise you for your birthday! I was hoping to get you a Cracker Barrel rocking chair for your birthday, so you could sit out on the front porch and watch mommy mow the lawn. Jackson will get one for his first birthday also, to join the two rocking chairs that are already on the porch for Lonnie and I.

    Now I have to think of something else creative to get you!

    Love you!

    Aunt Kristin