Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Monday, July 7th, 2008

We were back to our regular routine today (almost). I had my first PT appointment with Michael since my surgery. Although I have great balance in my sitting, I am not making much of an attempt to crawl yet and I don't stay on my belly for long periods of time. Mommy still has a feeling I will try to bypass crawling and find a way to scoot.

In the afternoon, I got a package in the mail. After a long wait, I received my second BAHA. Now I have one for each ear. Since the custom headband hasn't come in yet and there is no ETA, my Daddy was able to take my extra blue headband I don't use and modify it to take both of my BAHA's at once. Good job Daddy!

Although Mommy was hoping I would get to sleep early tonight in prep for my CT for tomorrow, I decided it was more fun to play in my crib. When Marianne arrived at 10 pm I was still awake and rolling around - but within 15 minutes I was finally asleep.

While I was playing, Mommy was watching an interesting program on Discovery Health about a little girl named Juliana Wetmore who was born with a severe case of Treacher Collins. Both Dr Morales and Dr Schendel initially thought I had Treacher Collins since it is so similar to Nager's. Mommy was very interested to learn more about the syndrome and what an amazing little girl Juliana is. You can find more information about her at: www.julianawetmore.net

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Glad you seem to like the stuffed animal I found at IHOP! Jackson got one also, that looked like his sister Bailey, but he doesn't seem too interested yet.

    SO happy to hear your second BAHA arrived! I would love to know if you hear a noticeable difference in sound (direction and tone), but I guess we won't know that for a while, until you can tell us. Dad's getting to be a pro at adapting everyday devices to meet your needs, he needs to make this a full time job, so he can make millions and you can move back to Salt Lake!!!

    Can't wait to see you in August.

    Love you!

    Aunt Kristin