Sunday, July 27, 2008

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

Another lazy day at the Smith home today. While Daddy and my brothers were still snoring away, Mommy and I got ready and went for a little walk - ok so Mommy was walking and I was being pushed. It is a little chilly here at 7 am, so Mommy made sure I had a sweater so I could stay warm. That early in the morning on a weekend is always very quiet. We usually don't even run into anyone else so it is very relaxing for both of us.

Later in the day, my parents introduced me to whipped cream on my pacifier. Mommy is a big whipped cream fan so she was very happy to see I like it too! Then, Mommy gave me some frozen mango slices. She let me hold one initially to get a taste but as it started to thaw and get sticky, she tried to take it away to put in my feeding bag. I got very upset and threw a little mini fit but she won - the mango went in the bag but not before a lot of it ended up on me and Mommy. Although I really liked the mango, Mommy thought she saw some mango secretions coming out of my trach so she is going to watch that more closely when she gives it to me again. She also bought cantelope and honeydew at the store, cut it up, and put it in the freezer to try as new snack items for me.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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