Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

No, it is not Mardi Gras! My Great Grandma Joyce had some jewelry she wasn't wearing anymore and let Mommy, Aunt Kristin and Grandma Marilyn go through it. There were lots of pretty pins but Mommy was worried about me hurting myself so she chose the necklaces instead. Mommy calls them my "pretties" and I like dressing up in them - now I have a necklace just like my Mommy does.

My feeding therapist, Karen, came to see me again today. I ate a little Hawaiian Delight for her and she told Mommy I am doing really well. Our next step is to try using the food feeder mesh bag that you can see in a picture above. Since some babies have oral aversion the first step is to see if I will even put it in my mouth. Then, Karen wants me to try dipping it in juice. If I like that, Karen wants to start out with some Cheerios. In the evening, Mommy gave it a shot and dipped it in juice and I really liked it. In fact, when I would have it in my mouth chewing on the mesh, Mommy would try and pull it out and I would keep me teeth dug into the mesh and wouldn't let go. It started to become a little game. Since there are no Cheerios in the house I'll have to wait to try that out until Mommy gets to the store.
Before bedtime, we went for another walk around the block. This time the doggies stayed home and ate their Frosty Paws (doggy ice cream). Tomorrow they are spraying the Elk Grove area for the West Nile virus, so I may not get a chance to go out for a walk for a few days. I had taken a late two hour nap so I was in a great mood. I have consistently falling asleep between 9:30 and 10:00 the last week or so, and tonight was no exception. At least I was easy on Mommy and played quietly in my crib until I fell asleep.

Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. Love the jewelry. Grandma Joyce has great taste. The next step is getting your ears pierced. Traiton gives you kisses all the time. He kisses the computer screen and a framed picture Grandma Mower has at her house. He calls you baby Ton and while he’s saying it he does the sign for baby.

  2. LOVE the jewelry, and glad Peyton's putting it to good use! She looks great in the necklaces.

    I am curious to see how she does with the mesh bag, but I'm sure like everything else, she'll do great!

    Big kisses sweet girl!

    Aunt Kristin