Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

We heard back from Shriner's today. You'll never believe when they plan on doing my first hand surgery - 8/27/08 - that's right, my first birthday! They will admit me on 8/26/08, do the surgery on my right hand to remove my thumb and then if all goes well I will be discharge on 8/28/08. When they found out it would be my birthday the nurse said they would have to make sure and do something special for me.

We also heard back from Elena at Dr Schendel's office today. She won't be able to order a CT scan at UC Davis but suggested that maybe my pediatrican, Dr Scott might be able to get me in. Mommy gave Dr Scott a call and she got right on it. We are hoping that tomorrow we will get a call back from UC Davis with a date. The last CT scan wasn't too bad, but it required sedation so it's a little more involved then just an xray.

Mommy figured out the other day that I love magnets so today she found the letter and number magnets she remembers having as a child. I loved them! Daddy discovered that my distractors are metal because the magnets stick to my cheeks! My cousin, Traiton, is such a smartie pants and knows almost all his letter already so I am going to have work awfully hard to catch up to him. Good thing I am starting now!

So Mommy is leaving for Salt Lake tomorrow and will be home Sunday. She is excited to see everyone, espescially baby Jackson, but she is really sad leaving me with everything going on with my jaw. Daddy is such a pro, though, so Mommy knows he will take great care of me. He says he will update the blog while she is gone though to keep you all up to date!

Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. Traiton would think it's cool magnets stick to your cheeks. He puts them everywhere there is metal. He would get a kick out of it and laugh. You're right he is a smartie pants. He knows all his letters and numbers up to 7, oh and 9 he skips 8. I found sponge letters and numbers for you. You will love them. They are perfect for chewing on. I noticed you chew on everything. I will give them to your Uncle Jason to give to your Mommy before she leaves.

  2. Hi Peyton,
    All of your Utah family and many
    friends wish you and your daddy a
    very happy 1st Fourth of July! It
    was wonderful of you to share her with us(I can't say she got a whole lot more rest than she got at home,but she had a good time visiting your new little cousin Jackson).
    Hopefully your Granpa and Granma
    Mower will be coming for a visit this summer somewhere around your
    1st birthday.We would love seeing our little grandaughter(you have captured our hearts along with so many others)!Have a wonderful day today sweetheart,which is even better because mommy is on her way home!