Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

Since I did so well with my cereal yesterday, Mommy introduced me to Arrowroot cookies. The box says it has been the first cookie for babies for over 100 years - so it's got to be good enough for me. When Mommy gave it to me the first time I was bound and determined to give it to my brother Henry. I tried about 10 times - Henry was getting all excited - but Mommy wouldn't let me feed it to him. Then, Mommy helped me put it in my mouth so I could taste it. I quickly decided that this was too good to give to Henry and spent time off and on in the morning sucking on it. Henry hadn't forgotten about the cookie though and while I was off in my walker and Mommy had her back turned, he found it lying on the blanket on the floor and snatched it before Mommy could get it away from him. He is now my best friend - following me everywhere hoping I might drop something else for him to eat.

Mid-afternoon, Mommy got out a new cookie for me and this time after just a few moments, I broke off a big chunk in my mouth. Mommy quickly used her finger to get it out of my mouth before I got into trouble since I haven't learned how to chew so well yet. Mommy decided it was better to be safe than sorry so she broke my cookie up into pieces and put it in my feeding bag.
Mommy has a few different types of crackers (cheese & veggie) that she will give me over the next few days to try out as well. Eventually, she can try frozen melon or carrots and see how those go over. I'm not too picky - everything tastes better than that rice cereal!
Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Looks like you're enjoying your Arrowroot cookies, and Henry is as well! You need to keep them away from him as much as possible, he can't afford the extra lbs! With all the Frosty Paws he gets, he doesn't need the Arrowroot cookies.

    Looks like you're enjoying food more and more, which is great. When I get there for your birthday, I'll introduce you to some really good treats!!!

    Love you, and can't wait to see you!

    Aunt Kristin