Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

Can you believe it - I am 11 months old today! What a big girl I have become. Such a big girl that sometimes my parents wonder if they should start thinking about a little brother or sister for me. Mommy's eggs aren't getting any younger after all : )

First thing this morning, Mommy gave me a banana flavored Gerber cookie. She wanted to let me taste it before she put it in the feeding bag. I made short work of it, though, and bit off a little piece. You can see my expression above! Actually, I liked the cookie, I just wasn't sure about the texture of the cookie in my mouth. After Mommy put in the bag I sucked on it all morning.
In addition to the banana cookie, Mommy also gave me some frozen cantelope. Frozen melon seems to be a hit - but it is pretty messy as it thaws and as much ends up on me as it does in my mouth. Mommy thinks it is so much fun to experiment with new flavors with me and I am so enthusiastic that she's pretty sure I like it too.

My first nap of the morning, I whined at Mommy through the bars of my crib but eventually fell asleep. It wasn't until a little later that she noticed I had managed to get myself into a most uncomfortable position!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. So crazy, the positions in which kids sleep! And I never know when to move them since I for sure do not want them to wake up!! I love the faces of kids trying new foods, especially the sour ones.

    As for a sibling. Yikes, just like everything there are pros and cons. However one of the best sounds is my 2 girls laughing togehter or being sweet to each other. Just yesterday Imani kissed Nia on the cheeck and covered her up since Imani got out of bed first.