Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

It was a day of ups and downs. First off, the night went pretty well. I only woke a few times but upon seeing my Mommy I would go back to sleep pretty quickly. Mommy didn't get much sleep - there were a few times she needed to suction me but the nurses also came in and out a few times to check my blood pressure, change my feedings and give me medication. Mommy noticed a pattern that when I was given anything through my IV (antiobiotics, pain medication, flushes) that I got really upset and started crying. After several times of this happening it was decided that there was probably an issue with the IV and a new one should be started elsewhere. The night nurse had a call put in to have that happen during the day shift.

Bright and early it was time for my screws to be turned. Since Daddy and Papa were still at the hotel, Mommy watched the resident turn them. I didn't like it that much but after crying for a little while I eventually fell back asleep. The resident said that my parents will need to turn the screws twice a day - three turns each time. If I can tolerate it twice a day it reduces the total distraction time from 24 days to 12. Mommy asked when I might be discharged and he said it wouldn't even come up for discussion for a few more days. He said most parents refuse to turn the screws and want the baby to stay inpatient the whole time so the doctors do it instead. Not that my parents want to turn the screws, but they would much rather have me home then in a hospital.

When Daddy and Papa showed up, Mommy hopped in the shower and then Mommy and Daddy ran to get some food in the cafeteria while Papa entertained me. Mommy asked my nurse if she could hold me and he didn't think that was a good idea. When a social worker stopped by, Mommy told her how disappointed she was that she couldn't hold me and the social worker put a call in to my doctor to see if it would be okay.

Mid-morning, Papa read me a story while we waited for the folks to come check out my IV. When they did show up, Mommy made sure to leave right away since she can't stand needles and blood. When she came back a little while later and they were gone she was all excited - but too soon. The lab folks had just looked for some potential spots and were going to return in about an hour. Meanwhile, the nurse gave me some medication for pain since he said the doctor was on the way to do some type of procedure.

Sure enough, the lab folks and Dr Schendell and his nurse, Elena all showed up around the same time. When Dr Schendell found out they were trying to move the IV to another spot he said not to bother. I can get my pain meds and antiobiotics through my g-tube and he was planning on discharging me tomorrow anyway. My parents were pretty surprised! Dr Schendell and Elena had showed up to turn the screws and show my parents how - thus the reason for giving me pain meds ahead of time. Elena turned the left side once and then Mommy turned it two more times. Then it was Dr Schendell and Daddy's turn. I started crying but calmed down pretty quickly afterwards. Elena said ther was no reason I couldn't be held and taken out of my crib so Mommy picked me up right away! Mommy held me in her lap and eventually I calmed down and was much happier then I had been most of the day. Dr Schendell said that instead of morphine and tylenol with codeine they are going to give me motrin every six hours and then tylenol with codeine every four hours. Instead of waiting to get it when my parents ask for it - they are going to keep me on a dosing routine going forward and when I am home as well to prevent me from getting too uncomfortable.

A short time later, someone came by to give me a mobile for my crib and a fun drum to play with since I couldn't go to the outside play area. That kept me entertained for a long time. I tired myself out and fell asleep. My parents and Papa took advantage of my nap to go get some dinner. They got back a little after 7 and found out I had awoke for a little while but had gone back to sleep. Pretty quickly I was awake and it was time to play again. Mommy held me for awhile and then it was Daddy's turn. I was very happy tonight and almost back to my old self.

A nice lady came by and wanted to know what movies Mommy wanted for the night. She had a long list to choose from and decided to (finally) watch Finding Nemo. We all got to watch some of the movie together before it started to get late and Daddy and Papa headed back to the hotel. Mommy and I watched most of it but the DVD must have had some scratches because it stopped working so well. Mommy turned it off and watched some TV instead while I drifted off in my crib.

It was a very long day, but a pretty good one. I found out my Aunt Kristin was well enough to go back home today. She beat me by one day!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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