Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Terry came by for her first visit since my surgery. Originally, we were supposed to go to Shriner's today but that got cancelled and rescheduled for tomorrow instead. Terry brought some new toys for me to play with during our session. I liked the puzzle with different shapes and figured it out pretty quickly. I also liked her big book of baby faces.

Best Buy called today and said they couldn't fix the camera so they would be exchanging it so Daddy got it tonight so we could take some new pictures right away for the blog.

Since Terry was here in the late afternoon, I didn't get my last nap of the day. I was getting pretty tired in the evening so Mommy thought for sure I would go to sleep right away tonight. I cried for 45 minutes straight so Mommy rocked me to sleep. As soon as she put me down I woke back up. Mommy let me cry a little longer and then rocked me to sleep again. Sure enough, as soon as she put me down I was back awake again. Mommy let me cry in my crib for about 30 minutes until Marianne showed up at 10. Mommy told her that it was a battle of wills and that I was winning the battle at this point. Mommy told Marianne that I was just fine and just wanting for Mommy to hold me. To prove the point, Mommy picked me up and right away I stopped crying and gave Marianne a big grin. Mommy was off to bed and I whimpered a little until I figured out Mommy wasn't coming back and then turned over and went to sleep within just a few minutes. Mommy told Daddy that she isn't sure she will survive my childhood if this isn't just a short-lived phase!

Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. I love your pig tails. You sure are a cutie pie. The picture of you drooling is my favorite by far. It captures your sweetness.

  2. I agree you are always so cute in pig tails. Your face has changed shape too. Hopefully those are just cute cheeks and not to much swelling.

    My girls did the same as you with sleeping. They actually had a harder time sleeping soundly if they missed their naps. I think that is what the refer to when they say "over tired". Well I hope you have a good night tonight. Sweet Dreams!

  3. Hi Peyton,
    You are the most adoreable little girl!I see your daddy's big grin and your mommy's beautiful and soulful eyes(I swear there is some of Traiton's impishnous personality
    there too)!If I am right about that,mommy and daddy better watch
    out!All I can say is that you are an absolute heartbreaker, and so many people love you!
    It's so hard to believe you are 10 months old already(where did that time go)?I am really glad your mommy thought to put this blog together for you because it is a precious gift for all of us who love you(now Dr. Scott will be keeping up with your adventures from Vermont0.How cool is that!
    Tell mommy I think her looking up some geniolegy(that spelling doesn"t look right)is great.I sure
    don't know how she finds the time,
    but I'm glad she does.
    Well honey,granma is going to start getting ready for my nightmarish job at the mall.I hope
    your having sweet dreams as I write
    this.All my love to all of you.
    Granpa and granma Mower