Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday, June 7th, 2008

So I am going to warn you. Today was all about pooping or lack there of. So if you don't have a strong stomach you might want to pass on this one!

When Mommy got up this morning, Marianne said I hadn't had any problems last night but I was very restless. As soon as Marianne left, it was time to turn the screws. I was upset but calmed down after walking around a little.

Because the prune juice all night had not resulted in a dirty diaper, Mommy had my GI paged. When she called back, she told Mommy to go get me Magnesium Citrate and an enema. Mommy ran and grab the items and headed back home. By 9:15 I had my Magnesium Citrate. The next four hours were some of the longest for me and my parents and Papa. I would alternate between crying and then eventually crying myself to sleep - although sleeping was never more than 15 minutes or so at a time. My parents could hear tummy rumbling and I would pass gass every now and again. After four hours and no dirty diaper, Mommy called Dr Davies again. The time had come for the enema. My parents held me down but it didn't seem to work because the fluid kept coming back out. They let a few minutes pass, put me in a different position this time and tried again. Initially, the fluid went in but came shooting back out right in Mommy's face (gross huh!).

At that point it was time for Daddy to take Papa to the airport. Since I was working on my first diaper in a week, I didn't get to say much of a goodbye to Papa but I was really glad he came to visit me. Instead, I was bearing down and crying and as they pulled away Mommy heard something in my diaper. Sure enough, I had finally passed the poop and after Mommy checked out my diaper she could see what all the tears was about. Mommy called Dr Davies and she said that I needed a special powder daily for the next little while. Then she told Mommy to start me on 1/2 Pedialite and 1/2 formula.

I was in a pretty good mood at this point though but tired so Mommy put me down for a nap. I only slept about 30 minutes but was very restless. I woke up crying so Mommy tried to play a little with me on the floor. Within a few minutes though I was fussy again and then Mommy heard another not so good sound. She rushed me to the changing table but it was too late. I was covered head to toe (literally) in diarrhea. Gross!!!! Mommy was pretty happy that I was pooping though, so she took it pretty well although she wasn't so excited about all the extra laundry!

The rest of the afternoon passed with me being in a pretty good mood most of the time although there were still moments of fussiness. My tummy was nice and soft again and there was no more leakage around my button. At 7 pm it was time to have my screws turned again. I was really sad but still fell asleep pretty quickly. By 9 am I was awake again, though, so my parents gave me a dose of Tylenol codeine to help with the pain and I fell back to sleep in about 15 minutes. It's been a really long day. Although I really didn't like the enema I am so glad that I finally pooped and I know my parents are too. Now that the pooping is under control my parents can go back to focusing on my pain management instead.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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