Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Since there is no more screw turning, I am in good spirits most of the time. Mommy stopped giving me my Tylenol with codeine and now I am down to just Motrin every 6 hours. Mommy is going to keep that up until after my screws are removed and the swelling goes down to make sure I stay comfortable.

As my parents were getting me ready for bed tonight, I was starting to become really fussy. Mommy figured I was just tired, but Daddy realized that my other top tooth has finally broken through. That may explain the fussiness and the tiny bit of blood coming out of my mouth over the last few days. Finally!

My brother Chili is doing just fine now. No coughing at all last night or today (guess it wasn't cancer after all like Daddy thought). Mommy has figured out that if she squirts the nasty tasting antibiotics into a piece of crescent roll Chili doesn't seem to notice he is getting his medication. She smooshes Henry's pills in a piece of roll. Velveeta cheese, hot dogs and other meat products work well. Since Mommy hates taking pills herself, she is more than willing to help disguise them so she doesn't have to try to force feed them the medication.

Mommy is still waiting to hear back from Shriner's on a surgery date so no news on a trip to see Jackson just yet.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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