Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Monday, June 16th, 2008

Mommy should know better then to joke about something - because as soon as she does it happens. With Henry and I both on medications, Mommy was just grateful that Chili seemed to be doing just fine. She joked that at least one of her "children" was not on any type of medication. Then, Chili started coughing and gagging yesterday. During the night, after he would cough he would whimper and cry. Mommy ended up sleeping on the floor with him since he seemed so upset. When he got up this morning, he was still coughing. Daddy thought Chili was really sick so Mommy made an appointment to take him to the vet. Any time the dogs are coughing, it could be contaigous, so Mommy and Chili got special treatment. Mommy and Chili got to wait in the car instead of the waiting area. Then, they were led to the back of the building to a special room. Mommy was suspicious that Chili had "kennel cough" which is pretty much just a version of doggy flu. It is very contaigous and is called kennel cough because dogs often pick it up when they are boarding and around other dogs. Since both Henry and Chili just came home from boarding about 10 days ago, Mommy had a feeling that was why he was coughing. The doctor took a look at Chili and agreed with Mommy. She said that either Chili brought it home with him, or Henry was a carrier and brought it home and gave it to Chili. Either way, Chili is going to have to get antibiotics twice a day for 14 days. So yes, now all of Mommy's children are officially on medications. Right as the doctor was finishing up with Chili, he suddenly noticed a framed drawing of a horse on the wall and started freaking out barking at it. The doctor also has a doxie so she thought it was pretty funny. Typical doxie.

Mommy got in touch with Janice at Shriner's. She said that Dr James was out almost all of July and that she was booked until October for surgery. She said that she would talk with Dr James and the anesthesiologist, though, to see if they could fit me in somewhere for my hand surgeries. Janice said she would get back with Mommy tomorrow to let her know. Once Mommy has a date then she wants to plan a trip back to Salt Lake to visit my new cousin, Jackson.

Since I had no screw turning today, I was a happy girl! The only problem was that I had a record number of stinky diapers - six throughout the day which resulted in three outfit changes as well. I am keeping Mommy busy with laundry! My parents were so happy to see that I was in such a good mood and wanting to play. Dr Schendell emailed Mommy back and said to try to turn one more time tonight and if it was difficult then I was probably done. My parents tried a 1/2 turn on each side but it wasn't turning very easily so they are officially done turning screws - hopefully for several years to come!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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