Saturday, June 7, 2008

Friday, June 6th, 2008

Today there were times I was happy and then other times not so much. Marianne left at 7 and Mommy got up about 6 to see how I was doing. I spent a little time in my walker but wanted to be held most of the time. Marianne said I did just fine on the Pedialite and only woke up twice - about 15 minutes each time. Lucille showed up at 8:30. She was so happy to see me, although I didn't want much to do with her this morning. Mommy rocked me to sleep about 9:30. At 10 am while I was still sleeping, Daddy gave me my Tylenol. After 30 minutes it takes effect so my parents can turn the screws. A little after 10:30 I woke up and it was time to turn the screws. I was definately not happy but after about 30 minutes I calmed down enough that Mommy could give me to Lucille. Then, my parents and Papa went to get something to eat and pick up my brothers from boarding.

Henry and Chili were so happy to see my parents and each other! It's the longest they have spent apart. When they all got home Lucille let them know I had done just fine while they were gone. About that time, Sherry from the home health agency showed up to review my new plan of care. She was there about two hours. During that time, I was playing on the floor where she could see me. As Mommy explained all of my symptoms, Sherry asked a question - when was the last time I had a dirty diaper? Mommy said it had been sometime Saturday. A few minutes later, I threw up a little and it was orange. Now my parents had given me my Tylenol almost five hours earlier but it obviously wasn't moving through too quickly Also, when they changed my diaper, the area around my button was soaking wet and also orange. Sherry was pretty sure that I was constipated. She recommended that Mommy call my pediatrician to see what she would say since my GI never ended up calling back.
After Sherry left I went down for a short nap and then it was time to turn my screws again. I was pretty upset so Mommy walked me outside as Lucille left for the night. The rest of the evening I was fussy off and on. When Mommy didn't end up hearing from the pediatrician, she put a call into the oncall pediatrician. Dr Chang called back and recommended adding prune juice to my regular formula feedings. Mommy and Papa made up a big batch for the next 24 hours. I went to sleep pretty quickly but was very restless and ended up waking up right before Marianne showed up at 11 pm. She was also concerned that I hadn't had a dirty diaper in so long so she thought it would be best to discontinue the formula feeding and change it back to Pedialite but add prunce juice to it. That would allow me to stay hydrated and get the prune juice but prevent me from getting more constipated from the formula. I was crying as my parents went off to bed but it only took a few minutes and Marianne had me back to sleep.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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