Monday, June 9, 2008

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

I had a good night last night, only waking for about 1/2 hour for Lucille and just playing in my crib. Today I would have moments of feeling okay and playing but most of the time I wanted Mommy to walk me around the house. Otherwise, if she sat down with me I would start whining and crying. I am getting the full recommended dose of pain medications but still don't feel so hot so Mommy is going to check with the surgeon on Monday to see if there is anything else my parents can try.

This morning I started back up to full formula feedings at my regular rates and did just fine. In the evening, I needed to also have a trach change in addition to my bath and turning of the screws. I was such a good girl when Daddy was cleaning the screw sites and cried just a little when the screws themselves were turned. Daddy took some pictures of me right before he did it so you could see the progress. Hard to tell right now with all the swelling but my parents can see a little chin emerging.

I went down pretty easy for bedtime tonight but played with my toys for quite a while. Mommy came over to check on me and disovered the feeding tube was disconnected. I was soaked along with my bed so it was time for a quick change of sheets and clothes and back to bed. Within about 20 minutes I was finally asleep.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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