Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

As the hours pass, my mood continues to improve. My parents aren't sure if it is the regular pooping, the strict schedule of pain medications or just getting used to the screw turning - but I am definately happier for longer periods of time each day. I still don't like the turning of the screws, but as soon as my parents are done, Mommy will take me outside to show me around the yard. She points out trees and flowers and birds - anything to keep my mind off of the pain and on to something else. Although I am not cheerful, I will usually stop crying to take in the world around me for a little while.

Tomorrow we all return to see Dr Schendell in clinic for a follow up appointment. My parents can see my jaw growing a little each day and are pretty amazed. We probably won't know for weeks whether I will have to have the procedure done again, but for right now it gives my parents some hope to see some progress knowing all that I have had to go through to get it.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Sorry for being so distant lately sweet girl, it's been a crazy few weeks!

    Jackson arrived early and is doing great, and his mom is now doing better also.

    SO happy to hear from your mommy that you are done with jaw surgeries for a while, and that your cleft palate repair will take place shortly. Your new little chin looks great, but you were already beautiful before.

    Can't wait to see you next, please try and convince your mom to stop by and meet little Jackson.

    Love you!

    Aunt Kristin