Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

No, Mommy didn't get the camera fixed yet, but good thing for the camera on her Blackberry. The pictures aren't great since I wouldn't stop moving, but at least you can see some updated pictures of my scar and my head without the pins.

After falling asleep so late last night you would have thought I would have slept in. Nope! I was up by a quarter after 6 am. By the time Sarah showed up at 12:30 for her shift today, I had gotten all of 15 minutes of a nap in 6 hours. I was just falling asleep when she got here so my parents figured I would take a nice long nap for her. Nope! I slept about 30 minutes and then was awake the rest of the day.

My parents got me a few toys while they were out together today. The best was a set of $1 maraca's with stars and stripes that my parents found at Target. They were a big hit! Since I love my plastic Elmo so much, my parents also got me a stuffed Elmo. Now that I am getting older there are lots of cool toys to play with - my parents had to refrain from buying everything they thought I would like so they only ended up buying a few additional toys and headed home.

Then, while Daddy cleaned his guns, Mommy used the SpaceBags she got at Target (As seen on tv...) and packed away all of the clothes I can't fit anymore, a bunch of baby blankets and bedding, stuffed animals and her wedding dress.

Yesterday, while Mommy was at the grocery store, she bought a bunch of stage 2 baby foods. They are mixtures of different flavors like apple cherry custard and banana yogurt. Mommy also bought Gerber's LilDippers (see the picture above). It is a way Mommy can allow me to take small tastes of baby food and feed myself. The feeding therapist gave us the green light to try a little baby food each day to experiment with different textures and tastes. Yesterday and today I had the banana yogurt - it was yummy! I was all smiles when I got to taste the baby food - sticking out my tongue to get more. Then when all the food was gone I would chew just a little on the LilDipper and move it around in my mouth. Just a few days ago when Karen was here, I would barely open my mouth at all but now that the pins are gone I am opening my mouth much wider and my parents got to see my tongue for the first time since the surgery.
It's been a long day (with very little sleep) so I am off to bed!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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