Saturday, June 7, 2008

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

I had a pretty good night for Mommy last night. Although Mommy was awaked about six times or more by nurses coming in and out to check on me and give me meds, I slept until 4:30 am. About 7:30, Dr Looby came by to turn the screws with Mommy. Daddy and Papa were on there way but missed it by just a few minutes. Mommy did one side and Dr. Looby did the other. I wasn't really happy but I calmed down pretty quickly.

Within an hour or so, Dr Schendell came by and said I was free to leave! My parents had to wait for some paperwork and my medications to be filled so they went and got some breakfast while Papa stayed behind with me.

The next four hours were very frustrating for my parents and Papa. My morning nurse was MIA. Although my parents and Papa kept checking the nurse's station to see where it was and why the paperwork was taking so long the nurse never came by. Another nurse sent the medication order down to the pharmacy so Mommy could go pick them up. Finally, the nurse came back with the discharge papers. My Daddy had just signed them and we were ready to leave (just moments before the picture in the yellow outfit above) and I threw up all over Mommy and the floor. When Daddy asked the nurse, "Should we be worried about that?" The nurse replied, "Oh no, maintenance will take care of it." Now that is not what Daddy meant but my parents were so frustrated at that point that they decided it was better to just head home.

On the drive, I threw up a little more once and then some time later when my Mommy adjusted my seat belt I started dry heaving. Mommy was kind of worried that maybe something was wrong with my Mic-KEY button. After we got home, my parents hooked me up to Pedialite but about an hour later when Mommy picked me up, I threw that up too. My parents decided to call my GI, Dr Davies and Lucile Packard Hospital. Dr Davies and Dr Looby thought it might be an upset stomach from the medications. Dr Looby recommended reducing the Tylenol codeine to half the dose. Dr Davies said not to give me anymore antibiotics and she would call in the morning. To rule out the Mic-KEY button, my parents changed that too. They put me on straight Pedialite for the night to see how I would do. Marianne showed up at 10 pm so it was off to bed for everyone.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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