Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

We have a date for surgery!!! The only time in June that Dr Schendell had available was Monday, June 2nd. On May 28th, I have to go to Stanford for some pre-op blood work and a history and physical. Then, that Friday the nurse will call to give us a surgery time for Monday the 2nd. The doctor has told the scheduler to expect 1 day in the PICU and 3-4 days in a regular room and then a potential discharge home. They are planning a post-op visit on June 11th. Wow! Mommy was excited but as soon as the nurse gave her a date she started to panic at the thought of surgery. (Be careful what you wish for, Mommy!) So there are lots of things to be worked out in prep for surgery:

Getting echocardiogram results from UC Davis to Stanford
Calling Shriner's to see if they want to try to schedule a hand surgery before June
Rescheduling my 9 month well child appointment with my pediatrician
Following up with the nurse to get a referral to Ronald McDonald House
Making reservations at a hotel for back up if Ronald McDonald House falls through
Getting on the waiting list at Ronald McDonald House
Scheduling boarding for my brothers at Camp Bow Wow
Getting the time off at work for my Mom and Dad
Clearing the surgery with all three insurances
Coordinating the contact between my GI doc and the GI docs at Stanford

And that's just what Mommy thought of in the last few hours!!! Although I probably won't have my trach removed for several months after the surgery, it is starting to feel like my naked neck may actually happen - maybe in time for my 1st birthday pictures!

Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. Oh my goodness what news! That date will come so fast. Keep us posted on all the activities as you prepare. But don't worry your mommy is very organized and will think of everything so it will all go smoothly. Me and the office gang will try to help her with some things at work so she can take time off and concentrate just on you.

  2. Congrats on your surgery date baby girl!

    Not happy that you won't be coming to Salt Lake, but I'd already come to terms with it, as I knew that it was going to make your parents uncomfortable to temporarily relocate.

    The only bad news is that now mommy will likely miss the birth of Jackson. Hope you can both see him before he grows too big!

    Aunt Kristin