Monday, April 7, 2008

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

Although it was very windy, my parents felt compelled (okay pushed) to take me to the park today. My brothers were also very excited to get out of the house for a little while. I was in the middle of a feeding so they just brought my portable pump along with me. Mommy thought I was even big enough I didn't need to sit in my car seat in the stroller - I could just sit in the stroller. Daddy and my brothers walked in front so Daddy could keep an eye on me while Mommy pushed me. They got to the park and took a loop around it before it got so windy that Daddy thought I might be getting too cold and we headed back. By then I was sleepy so Mommy put me in my crib for a nap. I was too wound to sleep, though, so I played quietly in my crib for a long time. To entertain myself, I decided to see what I could accomplish with my toes - and figured out how to turn my mobile and aquarium on and off - as well as spin the crab on my aquarium. I am very talented!
Peyton Nicole Smith

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