Saturday, April 26, 2008

Friday, April 25th, 2008

When Mommy woke up this morning she heard the suction machine going so she came to check on me. Unfortunately, I had started vomiting again. Mommy held me for a few minutes until I calmed down, then put me in my exersaucer and left me with Marianne while she went to take a shower. When she came back, I had fallen asleep in my exersaucer - you can see the pictures above. I drool just like my Mommy!
Mommy called the GI's office first thing at 8 since it had been two days and she still hadn't received a call back from the doctor. They told Mommy that Dr Davies was off on Fridays and they couldn't get me in Monday for an appointment because she was double and tripled book. They said they would have a nurse call at some point today to talk with Mommy. With a long weekend ahead, Mommy scheduled an appointment with my pediatrician, Dr Scott for late in the afternoon.
Mommy moved me back to 1/2 Neocate, 1/2 Pedialite during the day while waiting for the appointment and I had no other issues with vomiting. I was very excited to get in my car seat and go somewhere. When we arrived at the doctor's office, no less than five staff members came up to say hello. They all remembered my name and were amazed at how big I was getting. Without clothes, I weighed in at 14 lbs. 13 ozs., just like on Wednesday when I was there for my Synagis shot. Dr Scott came in to see me. She has a little girl just a few days older than me and just loves all my hair - her daughter is bald as a cue ball. She checked my tummy and got the background from Mommy. She also doesn't think this is a flu bug - but something related to formula intolerance. Mommy explained my pattern - I am just fine when it is straight Pedialite or when it is 1/2 Pedialite, 1/2 Neocate. Within about 12 hours of starting the full strength Neocate, though, the vomiting returns. Dr Scott had her nurse call Dr Davies office to see about getting me in. They said the nurse from Dr Davies office had called Mommy this morning, but Mommy looked at her cell phone and there was no record of any call. Regardless, the nurse said she would contact Dr Davies and give my Mommy a call back today!
Sure enough, a few hours later the nurse called back. She said she could get us an appointment for 7:45 am Monday. Mommy had to scramble to figure that one out since the nursing shift doesn't start until 8:30 and with traffic it will be a good hour drive to get to the doctor. To further complicate matters, Lucille will not be around for the next four shifts (Saturday night, Monday-Wednesday days) since her mother passed away and she is going to Texas to go to the funeral. My respite nurse, Sarah is going to cover the shifts during the week and agreed to come in extra early on Monday so Mommy could take me to the appointment. The nurse also recommended leaving me on 1/2 & 1/2 all weekend to see if we can prevent any more vomiting.
Since we don't have Lucille on Saturday, Mommy is going to take the shift tonight and Daddy will take the night shift tomorrow. They are such a good team! Here's hoping for a quiet weekend!
Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Glad to see you're getting good use out of your exersaucer! Pretty soon you'll be able to turn completely around in it, and once mommy and daddy get some batteries, you'll LOVE to hear the music!

    Hope all goes well this weekend, and that you let your parents get some rest. They could use it!!!

    Love you!

    Aunt Kristin