Monday, April 21, 2008

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

I had a good night last night for Lucille. A few minutes after she left this morning though, I started gagging but never actually threw up. Mommy is just not sure what is going on with me anymore. She is going to give the Neocate a few more days and hopefully my tummy will get better. I had some alone time with Daddy this morning while Aunt Kristin and Mommy went shopping for me. When they got back they had brought me a Tea Party exersaucer. You can see me playing in it above. After my walker, it was a little overwhelming but it is so cute and girly that Aunt Kristin knows I will love it! My Aunt Kristin also bought me my first teeny, weeny bikini. Isn't it cute! I get to show off my trach and my button when I am wearing it. I may not be able to go swimming in a trach, but every girl deserves a cute bathing suit!
While Mommy was taking a nap in the afternoon I had another tummy issue with my Daddy. Despite that, I was a happy girl the rest of the day and was very good during my trach change. While I was sleeping my parents watched a Hallmark movie about a Mommy and Daddy who were fighting over whether to have their child get a cochlear implant. The Mommy was deaf and the Daddy was hearing and they couldn't decide what was best for their little boy. Mommy thought it was awfully interesting to get to see so much sign language being used - she can't imagine being that fluent in ASL. She did recognize a few of the signs in the movie though! Here's hoping for a good night!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Good job Aunt Kristin - the bikini is cute! Of course it is you, Peyton who makes it darling; bow and all!! Mommy better be saving these pictures for a scrapbook!