Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Marianne was happy to report that I had a great night last night on my soy formula. When Mommy came out to see me this morning I was grinning from ear to ear. We got a little time together before Sarah showed up for her shift. Mommy checked on me several times during the day. It seemed like every time she did, I was crying. Sarah kept telling Mommy it was probably gas - but Mommy thinks it's probably just that Sarah doesn't know me quite as well as Lucille and my schedule is all off. Good thing my "Taggie" showed up mid-day to help comfort me. Mommy noticed early on that I always went for the tags on toys and stuffed animals. She knew there was a blanket out there covered with tags for this very reason. The internet is a wonderful thing and she was able to find the company that makes them and ordered me one. It arrived by UPS today and Mommy made sure to give it to me right away. I gave it a test run for my nap and you can see I took to it without a problem. Goodbye teddy bear lovie - hello taggie!

And by the way..... knock on wood, it's been a full 24 hours on soy formula and no tummy troubles : )

Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. Glad the soy's gone well so far, and SO happy to see that your new blanket showed up!

    You are definitely a tag kind of girl, and I'm happy to see that it calms you down when you're fussy. Mom needs an entire army of those things to get you ready for your upcoming surgery.

    Love you!

    Aunt Kristin

  2. Good luck with the soy - my fingers are crossed that your tummy will love it!

    Also - there are some really cute books out there for little ones with tags on the pages just like the ones on your new lovie!

    Have a great Day!