Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

I had a really good night for Lucille last night. I was only aware for about 30 minutes around 1 am - and no throwing up! While Mommy was getting ready this morning, Daddy brought me in to show her something exciting - I have my first tooth! If you look at the close up photo of me above with my mouth open - my tooth is on the bottom. Since my lower jaw is so far back it is hard to see but if you zoom in you can see it. Mommy doesn't think throwing up has anything to do with my tooth - although she read that when babies are teething it lowers their immune system so they may be more susceptible to other things. I was kind of fussy during the day and because of the tooth my parents gave me some Tylenol to help. Mommy was thinking we had dodged another bullet but a little after 4 pm I spit up again while Daddy was playing with me. I was fussy for quite a while after that and wanted to be held. To entertain me, my parents tried out the wheels on my walker again - and today I figured it out! I was rolling all over the place (backwards). I thought it was great and it kept me and my parents happy for hours until it was time for my trach change and bath. Tonight I got to wear my new pink flamingo jammies that Mommy found at Old Navy. Just to be safe, Mommy started me back on the Similac tonight in hopes that going back to the tried and true formula may make me feel better. Although I was tired, I tossed and turned for 3 hours until Marianne showed up. Mommy would rock me to sleep and put me in my crib. I would sleep for 10 minutes or so and then wake back up. Five times and three hours later I was down for the count. Here's hoping for another good night.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. And so it begins.....First wheels on the walker, then the trike, the big girl bike, the car... Get ready world, here she comes....