Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Monday, April 14th, 2008

Can anyone say Yee-haw!! I made it 24 hours without any spitting up/vomiting! Yeah, my Mommy is so happy. Now let's see if we can keep this going. Hopefully, switching back to my old formula is all I needed. Please cross your fingers (and toes) for me.

Michael, my physical therapist, paid me a visit today. I was waking up just as he came for the visit so I was in an awfully good mood for him. In fact, I was more fascinated with him in his red shirt then I was with the toys he brought. He still tried to make me get on my tummy but now that I can roll 360 degrees I don't usually stay for very long. He also wants me to work on grabbing things when they are on the side of me and not right out in front. Mommy gets a laundry list from each therapist, teacher, etc after they come to visit on things we should be working on together. It's a little overwhelming at times - there are only so many minutes in the day to try to get everything in but she is trying. Once again, Michael was very impressed with my sitting up skills. He sees a big improvement from the last time he was here.

I had another rough night. It was Daddy's night to wait up until the nurse got here and I kept him jumping. He tried three times to rock me to sleep but once I was put in my crib I would wake back up. Finally, at 9:30 he just rocked me and let me play. His nose and mouth are very interesting to me and he had a hard time ignoring me because I was so cute. So he gave in and started playing with me instead. About 10:30 I was finally down for the night. Mommy is hoping these last few nights are just a phase, maybe having something to do with my new tooth. She liked having me fall asleep at 8 pm so that my parents got a few hours of (relative) relaxation before the nurse arrived. I just like keeping them on their toes!

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