Monday, April 21, 2008

Friday, April 18th, 2008

Mommy had hoped for a better day today, but at around 6 am, Marianne woke her and Daddy up. I had been vomiting off an on for an hour. Since I was done with my feeding, Mommy got me changed and put a call into my GI when the office opened. Since I had just started on my new formula last night, the dietician said it was too early to develop an intolerance. Mommy is worried that I might have another obstruction so she and Lucille changed out my Mic-KEY button this afternoon. The rest of the day I did really well, going from 100% Pedialite to 1/2 Pedialite and 1/2 Neocate and then 100% Neocate. In the midst of all of this tummy trouble, Mommy noticed I have a second tooth coming in right next to my other tooth. She was really surprised! Since I hadn't been feeling well, Mommy cancelled my OT appointment and will reschedule for when I am better. Today is my Daddy's night with me, so Mommy is hoping I am easy on him.
Peyton Nicole Smith

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