Friday, April 25, 2008

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Mommy never did get a call back from my GI yesterday. So this morning while she waited to hear from her, she started me back on full strength Neocate. By mid-afternoon since there wasn't any calls, Mommy tried the office again. She sat on hold for 20 minutes but had to end the call when something with work came up. About 15 minutes to 5 pm, I spit up just a little - the same MO but just not as much. Mommy tried to call the office a few minutes later but they had already closed for the day. She is hoping Dr Davies may give her a call tonight.

After my episodes it takes about an hour and then I am back to my usual self. You can see me playing in my walker above. Although I like my exersaucer, since I have already figured out the walker I get a little frustrated that it doesn't go anywhere. I have learned that if the exersaucer is on the wood floors and I jump around a lot I can get it to move a little - but not nearly as much as my walker!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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