Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Monday, April 28th, 2008

It was quite a whirlwind morning. My parents were up bright and early because I had a morning appointment with my GI, Dr Davies. My respite nurse, Sarah, is filling in for Lucille the first part of the week. She is notorious for being late, so Mommy had Daddy get up as a backup in case Sarah was late and it was time to go. Sarah managed to make it on time so we said goodbye to Daddy and got in the car and headed to Sacramento. The office got us right in and first was a weight check. Naked as a jaybird I came in at 14 lbs 12 ozs - down 1 oz from the appointment on Friday. Not too bad. Unfortunately, while on the scale I needed to pee so diaper or not I let loose. Mommy thought it was pretty funny, Sarah commented that at least it saved us a diaper! When Dr Davies came in, Mommy explained my symptoms. Dr Davies felt pretty confidant that I probably started out having some type of viral tummy infection and then developed secondary lactose intolerance. I guess this is pretty common in babies. Most babies can get over it in just a few days, but others it can take weeks or months. Usually, it is only temporary and babies can go back to lactose formulas after their tummies have healed a little. Dr Davies wants me to try one more formula - this time a soy based one - to see if that will cure me. She is also going to move me down from 24 kcal to 20 kcal. I haven't been on a regular calorie diet since - well never! After getting some samples of the formula from Dr Davies it was back in the car and a much needed nap.

Since Mommy had already mixed up my formula for the day, she isn't going to start me out on the soy until my night feeding. So today I played off and on with Sarah and took a few naps. At 3 pm I had my PT appointment with Michael. For not getting my last nap in, I was in a surprisingly good mood and spent more time flirting with him than working on physical therapy.

When Daddy got home, Mommy ran to get something for dinner and before long it was time for my bath and off to bed. Soy formula here I come!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. It is funny you went pee on the scale. I love your new hairstyle. Your mommy should do pony tails next. Sponge curlers would work great in your hair and give you pretty little curls to go with your cute headband. The picture of you kissing your daddy is precious. Your uncle jason is right you do look a lot like traiton. Take care baby girl.