Friday, October 2, 2009

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

It was a scary first night back home. My night nurse got pretty worried because while sleeping my oxygen saturation levels dropped to not such great levels. After having the heated trach mist in the hospital and the coming back home without it - it certainly seemed to make a difference in how easily I could cough up the junk in my lungs.
I decided to sleep in a little this morning, so Mommy hooked up my first feeding of the day. Towards the end of it, I woke up crying and almost immeadiately vomited all over Mommy, myself and my bed. About that time the doorbell rang and it was Lucille. Since I wasn't done being sick, Lucille helped Mommy get me cleaned up. Once I got all of the feeding out of my system I was in a much better mood. Mommy and Lucille decided to try a pure Pedialite feeding next time and then half Pedialite and half formula the rest of the day.
The three of us headed out mid-morning to my pediatrician's office for that required visit. Once Mommy explained nicely a second time that I had just gotten out of the hospital for suspected flu/viral infection they quickly got us out of the packed waiting room with healthy kids so Mommy doesn't have to feel guilty later when they all get sick! I had a great time playing and dancing so it was pretty clear to Dr Emge when she came in the room that I was doing much better. There was no easy answer for the vomiting, but the antibiotic certainly doesn't help - it kills all the good flora in my tummy making it that much easier to vomit and have diarrhea and currently I am experiencing both. Dr Emge thinks I am well on my way to getting better and sent us on our way.
Although Mommy is a pretty emotional person, she very rarely ever completely loses it. In fact, most folks are surprised that Mommy is usually so calm and collected when it comes to everything that goes on with my medical issues. Today was a rare exception when Mommy was dealing with the DME company. The heater for the trach mist machine finally came in this afternoon but the company would not deliver it to Mommy as promised because of a dispute with the insurance about how much they would be paid for it. Mommy said she would pay out of pocket for it and then deal with the insurance later. Because I have Medi-cal as my third insurance, it is against the law for the DME company to let Mommy pay anything for any of my supplies. Meanwhile, I am stuck in the middle not getting what I need. Maybe it was the stress of my hospitalization combined with a lack of sleep but Mommy became a blubbering mess on the phone to the DME company but they were not swayed. In desperation, Mommy called Karen at her insurance company who got right to work trying to get it resolved. Several different people at several different companies will never forget my name now because they spent all night doing what needed to be done so the DME company would agree to deliver the item. Thanks Karen!!! Needless to say, Mommy is a little embarassed at all the crying but in the end I got when I needed so Mommy said it was worth it. Daddy said these folks should know better then to mess with Mommy when it comes to me!
Peyton Nicole Smith

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