Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday, October 26th, 2009

It was time for my semi annual IFSP where we reviewed my progress over the last six months and set goals for the next six months. I, however, slept through all two hours of the meeting! Mommy met with my nurse at SCOE, my case worker from Alta Regional and two of my therapists. Two of my other therapists sent in their reports. All in all I am doing great and everyone continues to be very impressed with me. In the next six months there will be a lot of work towards getting me ready for preschool by my third birthday. My parents will have to make some decisions about the type of preschool program they think would work best for me. Mommy got the official news that she had been expecting that unless my private insurance will not pay for feeding therapy, I will be losing it at the end of January. Mommy is already spending some time looking into therapists in the area that have the expertise to work with me - unfortunately since so many kids are in the same boat I am - most of these therapists also have waiting lists now to get in.

In the afternoon it was time for me PT appointment with Michael. I haven't seen him since April and he was amazed at all that I am doing. It used to be that I didn't want much to do with him but this time around I was ready to play. He had lots of different things for me to do to show off my skills and I was happy to comply. I even climbed into his lap at one point! At the end of the session, Michael let Mommy know that with how well I am doing I really don't qualify for PT services anymore through the regional center. He told Mommy, "You know, the first time I came out to see Peyton I left here thinking what a poor little girl she was - she was going to be so severely disabled. And looking at her now she has proven me wrong. She is an amazing little girl." My parents couldn't agree more.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Good morning peyton,
    Your pt Michael only confirmed what all your family and friends already new.You are one amazing little girl,and we all love you!
    Have A GREAT DAY.
    Granpa and Granma Mower