Sunday, October 18, 2009

Friday, October 16th, 2009

SCOE (Sacramento County Office of Education) has provided and continues to provide services to me to make sure I stay on track. Although I no longer have my special education teacher coming out several times a month, I still work with an occupational therapist (Karen) and hard of hearing teacher (Kirsten). SCOE has activities several times a month, but usually they are during the week when both my parents are working so I haven't been able to attend. Tonight, though was the Harvest Festival and even though Daddy had to work late Mommy decided to take me by herself.
Now costumes were optional but Mommy thought it would be great if I got dressed up in my lady bug dress. Mommy tried everything she could think of to convince me but I absolutely refused to put it on. However, I was more than willing to wear a pretty summer dress instead. (Mommy is really struggling to figure out what is so horrible about the lady bug dress so if anyone has any ideas let her know!)
Mommy wasn't sure what to expect so she was surprised to see several hundred kids and adults - many in their costumes. I saw Kirsten right away but I was a little overwhelmed by all the people. I started to warm up to the idea of the party and soon Terry (my special education teacher) came over to say hello as well. With all the music and promises of candy I got out of my stroller and started strolling around. I played a few games with Kirsten and Mommy and then we went inside where dinner was being served. I "helped" Mommy to eat her dinner and then we got a picture taken of the two of us. It was starting to get late so we didn't stay too long but I had a lot of fun and can't wait for next year!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. You look SO cute in your dress for the Harvest Festival! I don't know what's so horrible about Halloween costumes, but your cousin Jackson is not a big fan of his elephant costume either.

    Still keeping my fingers crossed that you will put yours on before the big day!