Monday, March 17, 2008

Wednesday, March12th, 2008

So here I am with my new backpack that holds my pump. I told you, it is really small - made just for someone like me. I love the color red so Mommy made a good choice.
No good news on the night nursing yet, wish my parents luck. Today Mommy and Lucille took me to my audiology appointment. While in the waiting room, a woman a little older than my Mommy was sitting with her dad. She looked over and said, "Oh no, every time I see a baby at the doctor I figure they must be sick." Mommy smiled and said, "No, she's not sick, she's just here to have her hearing aid checked." The woman got a big grin on her face and poked her dad and said, "Dad, she's got a hearing aid too!"
The audiologist got us in really fast. We went in a little booth and while Mommy held me, there was a nice girl who played with toys in front of me, while the audiologist was in a little booth talking into a microphone. They were trying to see if when I heard sounds with my hearing aid if I would look at the lady with the toys or where the sound was coming from. Sometimes I figured it out and then a cute bear hit some cymbals together. Other times I didn't - but the audiologist assures Mommy that for only having my Baha three weeks I am doing really well. My hearing without the Baha was 70-80 decibels and in today's test they measured about 30 decibels.
Peyton Nicole Smith

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