Monday, March 17, 2008

Friday, March 14th, 2008

So the big day has finally arrived! Mommy and Daddy spent this morning getting me all packed up and ready to go. Both of them were pretty nervous and Mommy spent all morning trying to calm her tummy. We all got in the car and headed to the airport. Mommy and Daddy checked all the luggage in and then Daddy went to park the car in long term parking. Mommy decided to try to get through security on her own. She let the TSA person know that I was a special baby and I needed the special line so he let her go through. The TSA man at the scanning machine said Mommy would have to get me out of my car seat and walk me through the scanner but a very nice TSA woman came over and said "Oh no she's not, she's coming over here with me." She used a little stick to scan me and Mommy and then sent all my machines and bags through the machine. I didn't even have to get off of my feeding! Then, Mommy got everything back in the stroller and we were on the way to the gate. Daddy joined us shortly. Since we had gotten there so early we had plenty of time to kill and I was getting tired. I am not used to sleeping in my car seat so I started to get kind of grumpy but eventually fell asleep. Unfortunately the gate next to us was in the process of boarding so every few minutes they would come over the intercom and that would wake me up again. After about five times of this, a woman sitting next to Mommy said - "She just wants to go to sleep and they won't stop talking!" You can see a picture of me above.
While I was snoozing away, Mommy and Daddy got me on the plane and got all settled. The flight attendant told them that babies can't sit in car seats behind the exit row so then they had to trade seats with some nice men. After getting settled one more time (and I was still sleeping) it was time for take off. My parents snapped a quick picture. I slept through that too, so my parents just told me about it later. I woke up about half way through the flight and was content to play with my toys. The flight attendant kept checking on me and my parents but there was nothing to be worried about, I was doing just fine. Before I knew it, it was time to land. I started to get a little fussy - I was pretty bored by then but it was only a few minutes and we were on the move again. Mommy did a quick diaper change in my stroller and we were off to get luggage and the rental car.
As luck would have it, my parents and me got all the luggage and the car seat in the car and ready to drive away when the car wouldn't start. They called someone over and found out that although it was the same car - it wasn't the one they were supposed to be in - so we had to move everything to the other car before we could get on the road. I was taking in the sights in my car seat and then as we got closer to my Aunt Kristin's house I saw something I have never seen before - snow!!!
We got to my Aunt Kristin's and got unloaded and a few minutes with her and then my Grandma Marilyn and Grandpa Don came over. You can see a picture of my Grandma holding me for the first time. Last time she saw me I was only a few days old and couldn't be held yet. Then, my Uncle Jason, cousin Traiton and Great Grandpa Gil came by too. Uncle Jason got to hold me for the first time too! We all had dinner together and I was getting really sleepy so it was time to get my bath and get ready for bed. It was a different crib then I was used to but I was pretty tired from missing some of my naps today so it didn't take me long to fall asleep. Good night!
Peyton Nicole Smith

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