Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

So the nights are slowly improving. Not much coughing and I slept through the night again.
Mommy was checking emails this morning before Lucille showed up and Mommy got a not so nice surprise. She was holding me and all of a sudden she heard a loud noise - and you guessed it - a very yucky diaper! Daddy had already left for work so Mommy called him to tell him he just missed one of those memorable parenting experiences - the explosive diaper! Everything had to be washed - my outfit, Mommy's outfit and the changing table cover. I don't know why she thought it was funny - I felt much better afterwards.
Another day, another doctor's appointment. Well, actually I didn't have an appointment - my Mommy did. Today she had to have her tooth looked at that broke a few weeks ago. Dr Zander, her dentist, decided that it needed to be crowned (bummer!). Mommy warned him that she takes a long time to get numb and needs lots of meds but he found out for himself when he started drilling and she started yelling (as much as she could with hands and instruments in her mouth)! Several more needle pokes and she was numb and he was able to finish. Now Mommy loves Daddy - but she wants me to tell you that Dr Zander is awfully cute - even Daddy admits it. So when Dr Zander called the house tonight to check on Mommy and make sure she was doing okay she thought that was pretty funny - espesically when Daddy said that Dr Zander never calls him after an appointment to check on him! Since Mommy hates to go to the dentist it certainly makes it a little more bearable when the dentist is a cutie! A few Iburprofin 800's and Mommy should make it through the night.
Peyton Nicole Smith

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