Friday, March 21, 2008

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

Today was a big day! I got to meet all my friends at the Business Services Building at the University of Utah. First, I dropped by to meet all of my friends on the first floor who work with my Aunt Kristin. I had already met a few of them on Saturday at the shower but I got to meet everyone else today. Then, Mommy and Kristin took me over to say "hi" to Wade. On Saturday when he came by, he brought me a great big pink bunny. Mommy is not sure how we are going to get it home but we'll find a way! After spending some time with Wade, I was starting to get tired so Mommy and Kristin hurried up to the third floor to show me off to my friends at the Health Plans. Since it was during work hours, Mommy drove me by in my stroller so everyone had a chance to say hello. Kelly held me for a little while until I started to get fussy. Half way through the first suite I got very tired so Mommy hooked up my feeding and I fell asleep in my stroller. Sorry guys - I really tried to stay awake so I could meet all of you but it was too hard. Mommy continued through Suite 360 and then moved on to the other suite - where all of her employees are located. Since the department got built out while Mommy has been away, it looks a lot different. She wasn't able to stay long but it sure was nice to see everyone again.

After a short nap at home, my parents went to Papa and Grandma Smith's house for dinner. I hadn't had a good nap all day so I fell asleep again but my grandparents got to hold me for a little while. Then it was home to bed after another exciting day in Utah.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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