Friday, March 21, 2008

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

It was a morning with lots of tears for my Mommy. She did get some sleep last night but she was sad about having to leave today. My parents spent a lot of time packing last night and finished up this morning. Mommy ran to get coffee with Aunt Kristin before she needed to leave for work. Then, it was time to say goodbye. Mommy says we will all be back as soon as we can. Hopefully the next time everyone sees me I will be trach free - and you can all see my naked neck! Thanks to everyone who was so nice to me and my parents.
The plane ride home wasn't too bad - although I was getting restless and finally cried myself to sleep just minutes before we landed. My parents had to get the luggage and find the car so that took quite a while but I was a very good girl. Then we went to pick up my brothers at Camp Bow Wow. On the monitors my Daddy thought he saw my brothers but then wasn't so sure. Turns out there were five other "doxies" in the play group that day - and they all like to stick together. We packed up the boys in the little room that remained in the car and finally headed home.
Shortly after arriving, the DME company came by to drop off my supplies. There was also a message from the nursing agency that they had a potential night nurse. Marianne came by late in the afternoon to meet us. She must have liked me because she came back last night at 11 pm for her first shift. She is only going to work Sundays-Thursdays so now my parents have a night nurse all except for Friday nights. After being night nurse for awhile that doesn't seem bad at all! I was a good girl for Marianne and slept almost all night long. It's nice to be back in my own bed again.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Happy birthday sissy!

    Don't forget to give your mom a big birthday kiss today Peyton, she's earned it!!!

    You were AMAZING on your trip to Salt Lake, and I hope this gives your parents the confidence they need to take you out on the town in "Old Sac". We love you VERY much, and miss you already!!!

    Aunt Kristin