Monday, March 17, 2008

Sunday, March 16th, 2008

Since I have spent so much time with Mommy's family the last few days, today was a day all to my Daddy's family. We got up bright and early and went to my Grandma Glenda and Papa's house. Their dog, Heidi, and cat, Duchess spent some time checking me out. Papa held me right off while my parents got some coffee. Over the last few nights my parents have been a little worried. Normally, my oxygen saturations run between 97-100 at night but here in Salt Lake they have been on average 93-96 and sometimes they drop into the high 80's. It's probably due to the altitude, but because my alarms are set at a low of 90 - it means the alarms are going off all night and my parents aren't getting to sleep too much - thank goodness for coffee!

I took a nap while my parents had some breakfast and then my cousins Skyler and Dylan and my Aunt Ruschelle came over. Later, Shannon and her little girl, Norah came by to help bake Easter cookies and decorate eggs. While Mommy took a nap, Dylan and Norah looked for Easter eggs. By the time Mommy woke up it was already time for dinner. Grandma Glenda made a nice, big turkey and my Mommy held me while she ate so I could see what everyone was doing. Later, Mommy and Skyler opened presents since they had birthdays coming up. Then, we all had pie and cheescake - Mommy even let me have a little whipped cream. It was sad to say goodbye but Mommy said we would be back again on Tuesday night.

When we got back to Kristin and Lonnie's, it was time for my weekly trach change. There wasn't a good place to do it, so they set me up on the kitchen table! I was a good girl though and didn't cry or anything.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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