Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

You're fired!!! Okay so this actually isn't funny but Mommy had to ask the agency not to send Mimi back again. Mommy has caught her sleeping quite a few times over the last few months but this morning was the last straw. When Mommy came out at 5:30 to relieve Mimi, I was awake and Mimi was sleeping. That wouldn't have been so bad except that when Mimi changed out my feeding at 12:30 last night she messed something up on the feeding pump. When she couldn't figure out how to fix it - she just left it - so I ended up not getting 4-5 hours of my feeding from what Mommy can figure based on what was left over. (And Mimi wondered why I was awake for three hours in the middle of the night - I was hungry!!!) When Mommy asked Mimi why she didn't come wake her up to help her figure out what was wrong with the pump Mimi said she wanted to try to fix it on her own. But Mommy then asked once she couldn't figure it out why she didn't come get her and Mimi didn't have an answer. Since there was an issue with Mimi a few months ago with my button Mommy decided it just wasn't worth the risk to me to have her around if she was going to be sleeping and wouldn't ask questions or get help when she needed it. Mimi was always very nice to me but my safety is more important. The agency doesn't have anyone to replace her, though, so my parents are now on "night nurse" duty for the forseeable future. They are going to take turns sleeping in the chair by my crib to make sure my feeding gets changed and I get suctioned when I need it. This will be good practice for when they are in Salt Lake next week and don't have nursing at all. But if they seem awfully tired when you see them next week you will know why!

I went to my follow up GI appointment today with Dr. Davies. She was sad to hear that the antibiotics are doing such a number on my tummy and decided to put me on probiotics to help with that. She also is having my parents change me to a different formula that is easier to digest in prep for moving me back to bolus feeds in the future. Although it was a short visit I was very unhappy - Mommy isn't sure if my tummy was hurting or if I had figured out that no good comes from doctor's appointments!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Terrible about Mimi having to be let go, and I hope the agency can find someone VERY SOON!

    If nothing else, it's good practice to have Peyton at nights before you come to Salt Lake, but with the lack of sleep going on in that house already (and NOT by Travis and the dogs), I am afraid this will put an even bigger strain on my already fragile sister!

    Take care of yourself!!!

    Only one more week and I can squeeze Peyton in person!

    Love you all!