Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

I had a better night last night, I slept all night but I still coughed a little in my sleep. Hopefully, with my antibiotics I will start feeling better.

Two case managers from the nursing agency came to do a check up on me. Cheri gets to see me once a month but Cindy hasn't seen me since the day after I came home from the hospital. She was amazed at how big I am. She kept commenting on how alert I was because while Cheri, Mommy and Lucille talked I was checking out Cindy. Cheri and Cindy checked my lung sounds and thought we had no reason to worry about pneumonia - it was all upper respiratory.

After they left, Mommy and Lucille took me to the pediatrician for my six month well child check. I got three shots and one vaccine through my g tube. Initially when they weighed me it came back as 14 lbs 4 ozs. Mommy and Lucille thought that seemed like an awful big weight gain so they weighed me again and it was 12 lbs 9 ozs. So I have gained a little, but not too much. Since I have been sick and coughing it probably didn't help. Dr Scott said my lungs sounded fine and whatever was going on with me it was probably upper respiratory and nothing to worry too much about. I cried during the shots but settled right down after Mommy picked me up. By the time we got to the car I was all smiles again and fell right to sleep once we got home.

Lucille warned Mommy that antibiotics have a pleasant little side effect - yucky diapers. Sure enough, by 6 pm Mommy got the first (of what will probably be many) yucky diaper. In fact, another yucky diaper woke me up within a half an hour of falling asleep tonight. The coughing seems to be subsiding just a little though, so the yucky diapers are well worth it if I start feeling better.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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