Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Monday, March 17th, 2008

Happy St Patrick's Day! Mommy dressed me up in green and then I got back in bed with Daddy - neither one of us likes mornings much. We had to get up awfully early to take Grandpa Gil to the airport. He is going back home to Vancouver today. I was all smiles for him when he said goodbye to me.
My parents decided to take it easy today and let Daddy get caught up on sleep. They came back to Kristin and Lonnie's and I took a three hour nap while Mommy got some laundry done and updated my blog for me.
In the afternoon, my Mommy's friend Lori came by for a visit. She had surgery a little while ago so she couldn't hold me but I stayed up past my naptime so I could see her. Shortly after Lori left, Kim and Ethan came by to see me, too. They live just around the block from Kristin and Lonnie's - so Ethan drove his motorized car over. He had just gotten home from school and was getting bored so I let him borrow my shamrock glasses to wear home. Later, Mommy put me in my Irish Princess tiara.
I took another nap right before dinner. Aunt Kristin made her famous chicken enchiladas and we had a houseful of visitors. There was Uncle Jason, Traiton, Karen, Rachel, Bryan, Kao and Chloe. Traiton and Chloe ran around the house together and came by to see me a few times. After a few hours I was pretty tired so Daddy took me upstairs to my crib for my bath. First he played with my hair and came up with a new hairstyle. Not sure if this one will stick but it was kind of cute I think. After my bath, my cousin Traiton came by to give me kisses in my crib. Then, it was off to sleep for me.
Peyton Nicole Smith

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