Monday, March 17, 2008

Saturday, March 15th, 2008

What a crazy morning! For some reason there was a bunch of stuff going on. Aunt Kristin went and got Grandma Marilyn and then Dorothy, Rachel and Kellee showed up too. Everyone was running around putting out food and hanging up decorations. I started to get tired so I fell asleep and when I woke up there was a lot of people staring back at me! I guess I was at a baby shower for my Aunt Kristin and her baby, Jackson. First, we broke off into teams and designed onesies with iron on transfers, stamps and paint. My cousin, Gavin won first prize! I got passed around a lot and met so many people for the first time - Wendy, Marty, Rachel, Dorothy and even Wade!! He brought me a present, too! Then my Aunt Kristin got to open SO MANY presents. While she did that, all the people who came played baby shower bingo. I was getting tired so my Uncle Shawn held me. He had just flown in from Denver late last night to see me. And then, the shower was over and everyone started to leave.

I was really tired by that point so I went upstairs with Mommy and got in my crib to get a nap. Daddy had been off at Cabela's and his parents house so Daddy and I took a nap while Mommy, Aunt Kristin and Tina talked and organized all the presents Aunt Kristin received.

It had just started to snow, when we got in Aunt Kristin's car and headed to Bonzai for dinner. It is my Grandpa Gil's favorite place to eat when he is in Salt Lake. We met Shawn, Gavin, Jason, Traiton, Grandpa, Tony and Krista. You can see a picture of me and Krista together above. We all gathered around this big table and someone cooked for us - he was really funny. He made a volcano and fire (that kind of scared my cousin Traiton I think) and then he threw shrimp at everyone and had them try to catch it with their mouths. It was really fun! I was really good, I just watched everything that was going on and played with my toys. By the time we got back in the car, the snow was really coming down. We headed back to Aunt Kristin's house (okay, so it is Uncle Lonnie's house too) and because of the snow they had blocked off the road right before the turn off. We had to go around another way but got to the house safe and sound.

Everyone but Tony and Krista came back to the house and we had Easter early. Mommy and Lonnie hid the eggs that Grandpa Gil, Gavin and Shawn had made earlier in the day for Traiton and Gavin to find. Then, the three of us (me, Gavin and Traiton) got Easter baskets from the Easter bunny. All this excitement in one day and I was getting tired again so it was off for my bath and sleep. The days have gone by so fast - so little time and so many people to love me!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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