Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

This is a picture of me with my Passy speaking valve. If Mommy takes a picture of me wearing it and submits it to the company who makes the valve they will send me my own Toby dinosaur that wears a Passy just like me! I should be getting it in a few weeks and she will get a picture of us together (not like I need another stuffed animal Mommy says, but it's too fun to pass up).
I didn't do so well last night for Mommy, I was up twice and tossed and turned all night. Now I sleep on my tummy, but maybe because of changing out my button yesterday I didn't seem to want to be on my tummy. Mommy is hoping that it is just sore and I will do better tonight for Daddy.
I had a CT scan scheduled at UC Davis today at 2 pm. They called Mommy at noon and said if we left right then, they could get us in earlier. Mommy, Lucille and I got packed up in record time and were to the hospital by 12:45. I had not had anything to eat since 8 am and hadn't taken a good nap so I should have been in a terrible mood but I was all smiles as I got pushed through the hospital in my stroller. They got us right into the prep room and I was by far the youngest patient there. The resident indicated they would need to put an IV in for emergency purposes so Mommy let him know all about my past history with getting IV's. While we were waiting for the anesthesiologist, I showed the nurses and the resident my trick of pulling off my HME. They were very impressed and called other nurses over to show them, too. I smiled and flirted with everyone for a good 20 minutes or so until we were on the move again. The resident led the way to where the CT scan was, while Mommy held me, Lucille pushed the stroller and one of the nurses pushed the big rolling adult bed.
While Lucille stayed with the stroller, they let Mommy come with me into the room with the CT machine. The anesthesiologist let Mommy know that since I had a trach no IV would be required which made her feel a lot better! They laid me down on the bed and attached something flexible to my trach and then the hose from the anesthesia machine to that. Immeadiately, I took it all off - the nurses didn't think that was as funny as the HME trick for some reason. The nurse gave me her finger to hold instead while Mommy held my other hand. Mommy whispered some stuff in my ear about how much she loved me and that I would just be napping for a really short time and she would be there when I woke up. A few quick coughs and I was out within seconds. They had Mommy leave the room while I had the CT scan done and then rolled my bed to another area for recovery. Mommy and Lucille waited in the waiting are for me to wake up. While there, all the families could hear a baby start to cry in the recovery area. An older man said to Mommy, "that must be your baby". Mommy and Lucille laughed and told the man that they can't hear me cry because of my trach so if it was me that would be a big surprise!
After just a few minutes a nurse brought Mommy and Lucille back. The nurse was on one side, Mommy was on the other, and Lucille was at the bottom of the bed. I woke up within seconds of Mommy arriving. First I saw the strange nurse, then I saw Lucille, and finally I saw Mommy. I was a little dizzy and scared and started crying. Mommy rubbed my head until the nurse said I could be picked up. I stopped crying right away and within just a few seconds was smiling and flirting with the nurses again. Mommy held me for about 15 minutes and then the anesthesiologist said I was good to go home. Mommy, Lucille and I were in the car and on the way home my 2:30!
The doctors thought since I was only under anesthesia for about 15 minutes there shouldn't be any problems with nausea or vomiting but Mommy introduced the feedings really slowly so as not to cause me tummy troubles. I had a nice long nap in Lucille's arms until it was time for Lucille to go home. Then I played with my parents for a few hours and it was time for bed.
Peyton Nicole Smith

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