Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Friday, March 7th - Sunday, March 9th, 2008

Wow, the weekend passed by so fast (for me at least). Mommy was the night nurse for me on Thursday. Daddy said he finally got the hot nurse he has been waiting for! I slept through the night all night and Mommy only needed to suction me a few times. Despite that, it was really hard for Mommy to sleep with the noise from the trach mist machine and just being so nervous that something might happen while she was asleep.

Friday morning Mommy was tired but still feeling good about the decision she made. I had a good day Friday and between the antibiotics and probiotics I was taking I was feeling much better all around - my tummy and my trach. Friday night it was time for Daddy to take a shift as my night nurse. I also had a really good night for him. No suctioning or anything and I slept all night long! Although my parents are really glad they bought the Lazy Boy, it is not as comfortable as a bed so there isn't a lot of sleeping going on.

Saturday morning Mommy got up bright and early (5:30) and sent Daddy to bed. He got to sleep for about four hours before Mommy woke him up so she could drop the dogs off at day care. Then Sarah, the respite nurse came from noon to six to watch me while my parents got to spend some much needed time alone together. They went shopping for some clothes for Daddy for the trip and of course found some fun things for me as well! Saturday was a good day all together because now it is the one night they have a night nurse.

I had a good night for Lucille as well, slept all night long! Lucille and my parents have discovered in the last few weeks that if I get onto my tummy to sleep not only are my sats higher and I need to be suctioned less, but I also sleep better and longer. You can see my tummy sleeper picture above.

Sunday was another day or running errands and getting things caught up in prep for my trip to Salt Lake at the end of the week. Daddy will be my night nurse tonight.

Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. OK the picture of the bunny ears and the one with her legs hanging out the crib are priceless! My girls always slept better on their tummies too. I was always paranoid with the "place your baby on their back" words going through my head, but sometimes when I was working next to them while they napped I would let them sleep like that and they loved it. And then of course once they could roll over I had no control.

  2. LOVE the bunny ears and your cute little butt!

    Can't wait for your mom to put your St. Patricks Day crown on and post some updated pics!

    Aunt Kristin