Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Yesterday, when Michael my PT stopped by for a visit he said I am pretty much right on track with my development. He was very impressed with how well I have done despite having a trach and a g-tube and being in the hospital so long in the beginning. He did say, though, that he thinks I will need orthotics for my feet since they seem to turn out - espescially the left one - and he is worried it may get in the way of my walking. Just like any other baby my age, everything goes to my mouth, including a pretty rose my Mommy got for her birthday. Red is my very favorite color! When I started to get grumpy towards the end of the night, Daddy took my flying!

Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. Of course you're right on track, you're amazing!

    Mommy forgets how amazing you are (but she knows how amazing you are, don't take that wrong!), as she see's you every day, and sometimes doesn't see the bigger scale of all your achievements. You have come SO far, and by the summer's end, and after recovering from your next two surgeries, life will get even easier.

    Can't wait to squeeze you again little girl!

    Aunt Kristin

  2. Sounds like you are doing so well! But I must warn you that there really is'nt 'A track'. Everyone is so different. My little nephew just started talking at 3 (that would be off the track) but he just didn't want to because his sister did all the talking for him. Now that his sister is in kindergarten he decided he would and within a couple of months he talks as well as all the 3 year olds! So do everything in your own sweet time, cutie!

    Anyway...... I talk to your mom all the time on conference calls for work and emails and I forgot to tell her Happy Birthday. Can you do that for me? Thanks!