Monday, September 1, 2008

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

Yes that is me smiling and by looking at these pics you would think I was a happy girl today. You would be very, very wrong. This was about an hours worth of time in the evening that life was good - the rest of the day was not so good. I would sleep for a few hours and then wake up crying. When I wasn't crying I would play for a few seconds and then start whining again. It was a long day! My parents decided to move me off the Tylenol with codeine because they were concerned maybe some of the bad behavior was related to the side effects - so they put me on Motrin instead. I perked up pretty quickly, but before it kicked in Daddy got a good look at the major reason for my unhappiness - two new teeth breaking through on top. Maybe this is a sign of being a baby - but I always seem to get new teeth while recovering from surgery. Let's hope that doesn't prove to be true when my cleft palate is repaired in a few weeks - not sure if any of us will survive even if we are all on the Tylenol with codeine!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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